Jersey Media Network offers a variety of IT services

Web development, software engineerings, graphic design, social marketing and more.

Jersey Media Network is an established Internet services company with long-time, worldwide experience in the IT industry. Based in Monmouth County, NJ, our company offers solutions to businesses worldwide. Special discounts are available to local companies. We have extensive experience in Government contracts, in the real estate, telecom, entertainment, financial, publishing and biotech industries.

Web Development
Whether you're just looking for a start-up website, or want to enhance your existing one with dynamic features, databases or advance capabilities, we'll help you choose and implement the best solution.
  • E-Commerce Websites (ASP, Java, PHP)
  • Databases (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Access)
  • .Net Programming (ASP.Net, VB.Net)
  • Web Design (DHTML, Ajax, Silverlight)

Software Development
We can develop any custom software, specializing in networking, relational databases, systems design and engineering, wireless applications, IVR development, client-server architectures and more.
  • Custom Development (C#, C++, VB, Java)
  • Wireless Applications (iPhone, Windows Phone)
  • Systems Design and Architecture
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications

Vacation Rentals Marketing
We have developed a series of localized vacation rentals services, each of them dominating its market.
  • Jersey Shore Rentals (
  • Pocono Rentals (
  • Upstate NY Rentals (

Social Marketing
Through social networking we can help you improve your marketing efforts with great results.
  • Online marketing campaigns (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Facebook landing pages
  • Events promotion

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